Original Gutter Edge™ FAQs

Gutter Edge™ will eliminate your gutters from EVER staining, oxidizing(paint finish wearing). Keep the clear coat protective finish and the brilliant look of the gutters with Gutter Edge™



The Original Gutter Edge is made from flexible PVC and shipped in 100ft or 200ft seamless coils. It is shipped the same day USPS 2-3 Day Priority Mail or UPS.


How Long Will it Take to Install

Installation is a very simple! Make sure to clean the existing gutter's surface, and simply peel and stick. It's a breeze to install and on an average home it takes less than an hour.


Will it change the appearance of my gutters?

Since it only sticks out about 1/4 inch from your existing gutter, it’s nearly invisible when looking at it from the ground. Your visitors will never know the difference.


Are Tools Required to Install the Original Gutter Edge?

No. Using military-grade, self-stick adhesive simply adhere to the clean surface of your existing gutters.


Can I use Gutter Edge™ with Other Gutter Toppers & Gutter Guards?

Yes. Gutter Edge™ is compatible with virtually every known leaf guard, screen, topper, cover, helmet, etc. making it universal. Simply attach Gutter Edge to the gutter then install the gutter guard on top.


Reduces/Removes Icicles

Gutter Edge’s unique design and construction repels icicles from forming in the first place. You won’t need to worry about icicles again, and the safety and property damage risks they bring each winter.


Quality Standards

Original Gutter Edge™ is made of U/V protected PVC. This is one of the most weatherable materials in the industry so you’ll never have to worry about it fading or needing to replace it. 


It comes with a "Lifetime Money-Back Warranty" so you can get your money back if for some reason you aren’t completely satisfied.