ULTIMATE Gutter Cleaner FAQs

Removes dirt, algae and tiger stripes from your existing gutters for a sparkly-clean finish.


ULTIMATE Gutter Cleaner is shipped the same day USPS 2-3 Day Priority Mail or UPS.


How Long Will it Take to Clean

Spray on. Wipe off with a clean cloth. It truly is that easy. We recommend using the cleaner when outdoor temp is above 50 degrees. 

NOTE: If your gutter is oxidized - this means the paint finish is worn & the protective coating is gone - unfortunately the gutters will need to be replaced. The cleaner will not be effective, the cleaner will not add paint to the gutters. 

*Always follow up a cleaning with a quick Original Gutter Edge installation to prevent further stains from occurring.


How Many Feet Will 1 Bottle Clean?

The cleaner footage varies depending on the staining of the gutter. Other conditions include what type of staining: dirt, algae and the tiger striping. On average the cleaner will clean 80-100' of gutter per bottle.


Does it remove Tiger Striping from my Gutter?

Completely. It works instantly to remove the gutter stains. We have not found one cleaner that actually does that, most companies advertise their cleaner will give you those results. Gutter Edge Gutter Cleaner will remove ALL STAINS.


Can I use Ultimate Gutter Cleaner on aluminum siding?

Can be used on almost any surface. ALWAYS TEST ON AN UNDISCLOSED AREA FIRST. If the siding is oxidized you could have an issue. Remember oxidized means the protective coating on the aluminum is gone, this applies to any aluminum surface.


100% All Natural Ingredients

The cleaner is 100% non-toxic and using all-natural, organic ingredients. It is safe around kids, pets and plants. Still don't believe us? See the below video or check our reviews out on Amazon.com to see how amazed our customers are.


Quality Standards

The ULTIMATE Gutter Cleaner is safe, made from organic products, and delivered in a 4x concentrated formula. There are many additional uses.

For Contractors

Aluminum or Vinyl Siding

Painted & Enamel Surfaces

Stainless Steel / Formica & Wood

Floors & Walls


For Home Cleaning & Housekeeping

Cleaning Carpets

Kitchen / General Purpose

Countertops / Removing Grease


Bathroom Tub / Soap Scum

Mildew / Water Spots

Spot Cleaning

Patio Furniture

White Walls


For Auto Mechanics


Tires, Brakes Parts


Engine Degreasing

Recreational Vehicles

For HVAC Contractors

Air Conditioning Ducts & Air Filters