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Gutter Edge™ Offers Contractors a Great Income Stream Backed by a Great, Trusted Product!

As a contractor, you’re always searching for new ways to add value to the clients you serve while at the same time increasing your revenue and income streams. That’s precisely why Gutter Edge™ is the perfect product for your service and business line! The extra income stream potential offered by Gutter Edge™ takes very little time and is remarkably simple: which is what you want! And because Gutter Edge™ customers are typically so impressed with our product, we’re confident that you’ll earn many “word of mouth” referrals. Friends, neighbors, co-workers, relatives and even strangers passing by can all become your customers – all thanks to your affiliation with Gutter Edge™! 

Gutter Edge™ is the RIGHT choice for Gutter Contractors & Dealers!

10 Core Reasons Why Offering Gutter Edge™ to your Clients Makes Sense:

When performing a gutter installation, you can easily introduce your customer to Gutter Edge™, and in less than 10 minutes you can help them clearly understand its lasting benefits.

On most (if not all) contracting jobs, you have to bid against other contractors. That means distinguishing your service lines and differentiating your business is vital to your success. Offering Gutter Edge™ gives you an instant advantage over the competition – because you offer it and they don’t!

 Tired of wasting time and money trying to find perfect, custom-fitting materials? You’ll never have that problem with Gutter Edge™! It’s compatible with virtually every known leaf guard, screen, topper, cover, helmet, etc so it’s a breeze to install.

Gutter Edge™ has a self-stick, military-grade adhesive that simply sticks into place, which means no tools are needed. How’s that for a nice change of pace?

If you install a gutter without Gutter Edge™ and the gutter becomes dirty over time (which it most certainly will), you can expect your customer to be unhappy. It’s not your fault, but still: they have a dirty gutter that makes their home look ugly, and that makes them unhappy. Proactively avoid this scenario by installing Gutter Edge™! Your customers will be happy and their home will remain beautiful. And remember, happy customers mean great referrals for you, too!

Gutter Edge™ comes in spools of 200′ flexible U/V protected weather-durable vinyl. It’s a breeze for you to transport, and just as easy to install.

Why work with razor-thin margins that barely make it worth your effort to do the job in the first place? Gutter Edge™ is a cost effective solution, allowing you the potential to create a mark-up that reflects the value and service you provide as a professional.

Because Gutter Edge™ is so durable and works incredibly well, we back it up with a lifetime money-back guarantee! Naturally, we can’t give money back for damages to the gutter or installation fees, but we’ll gladly refund your money if you aren’t satisfied with Gutter Edge.

Why waste time and money making special trips to pick up product? Gutter Edge™ is light and travels easily, and can be inexpensively shipped right to your door.

Gutter Edge™ also protects from dangerous icicle formations, which is a safety benefit that your customers will love and thank you for!

Gutter Edge™ Offers Contractors a Great Income Stream Backed by a Great, Trusted Product! Your customers will love Gutter Edge™ because its Easy to Install, a Breeze to Maintain, and Adds Lasting Beauty and Value!

Once your customers see the difference between the “before and after” difference that Gutter Edge makes to their gutter, they’ll be sold! With each job averaging about 160 feet and taking just a few minutes, your profit potential is immense.

Still Not Sure? Missed Opportunity!

Your customers will love Gutter Edge™ because of it’s ease of installation, low maintenance and how it makes their house look so much cleaner.

Selling it is just as easy as installing it. Once your customers see the difference between a gutter without Gutter Edge™ and a gutter with it – they’ll sell themselves! With each job averaging about 160 feet, contractors can profit roughly $200 easily for just a few minutes of work. This makes it an extremely attractive addition to their current business.
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